Headliner, Fall/Winter 2021-2022

Headliner, Fall/Winter 2021-2022


Fall/Winter 2021

Dear Saints,

When I was a child, the time following the holiday break felt so lackluster and subdued in comparison to the festiveness and brightness of the preceding weeks. But now I relish this time, I find the quiet invigorating, the slower (albeit not exactly slow) pace allowing me time and space to reflect and consider all that has happened during the past few months while also looking ahead to all that is to come. It is in these quieter days that I can see clearly the hope for our future. It is not blurred by the sparkle and lights of the holiday season during which we can find ourselves moving from moment to moment, event to event with an almost frenetic energy. I love the holidays. I love being with family and friends, I love the traditions, and I love the sparkle. But I equally love the peacefulness that follows and the hope and anticipation that fills the silence after the music and lights have been turned down. 

We bid 2021 farewell with Lessons and Carols on each of our campuses, our students gathering together in-person to celebrate the season. A year ago the very idea of all of our students being able to gather safely together for these services felt impossible. Yet our community’s diligence and care for one another these last few months has ensured our students and teachers can be together for these incredibly special moments. What an extraordinary gift, one I know we will never take for granted again. 

As I reflect on the joys and triumphs of the last few months, I also think of the great loss that we faced in November. The unexpected death of the beloved Rev. Michael Hinson deeply affected this community and the heaviness on our hearts at times has felt unbearable. On an unseasonably warm late November day, we were blessed to be able to come together as a community to celebrate Rev’s life and legacy. It was a beautiful tribute to an incredible man. And it is in his memory that we forge ahead into 2022, looking out for one another and caring for one another as Rev did each and every day.

Go Saints!


Kirsten Adams
Head of School