Headliner, Spring 2023

Headliner, Spring 2023


Dear Saints,

“We’ve got you.” It is something we say here often—when celebrating or comforting a friend, when sharing messages in chapel, when counseling a student or colleague. As a member of this Saints community, we are committed to caring for one another as best as we are able. As a school we are purposeful in providing resources for both students and adults who may need support, ensuring there are opportunities to explore and practice emotional, physical, and mental wellness.

In early April our community came together across our three campuses for Saints Mission Day, a day which this year focused on how we care for one another and for ourselves. ES-12 students gathered in cross-divisional groups to participate in activities designed to promote conversation and reflection about wellness. Our older Saints sat on the ground with our younger ones, creating colorful sidewalk chalk designs while chatting, telling jokes, and sharing stories. Students and adults met support therapy dogs, learning how the dogs are trained to provide comfort and love to humans who need it most. Students played tag and board games, painted with watercolors, practiced meditation, and made smoothies. Our campuses were alive with energy, laughter, and fellowship; the day was a gift, a few precious hours focused solely on embracing joy and togetherness during what is always a busy time of year in a school. 

The joy in being together, creating together, and caring for one another that day was evident. Even now, the feelings and warmth generated continue as an adhesive in this community, binding us to one another in that shared experience of taking a break and caring for ourselves. And now, as we head into these busy, full, final weeks of the school year, we each do so knowing that we are known and cared for; someone’s got us. 

Be well,

Kirsten Adams
Head of School