Hall of Fame 2023

Hall of Fame 2023

2023 Hall of Fame Welcomes New Inductees


2011-2012 All-IAC Ice Hockey
2011-2012 SSSAS Outstanding Athlete for Ice Hockey
2013 SSSAS Outstanding Athlete
2013 Saint Award Boys Lacrosse
2013 Saint Award Ice Hockey
2013 All IAC Boys Lacrosse
2013 All IAC Ice Hockey
2013 All-MAPHL Ice Hockey
2013 VISAA Boys Lacrosse All State First Team
2013 All-Met Boys Lacrosse Honorable Mention
2013 Alexandria Sportsman’s Club Athlete of the Year for Ice Hockey

Isaiah Davis-Allen ’13

Football, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse

Isaiah Davis-Allen was considered an outstanding athlete throughout his high school career at SSSAS. A three-sport athlete, he made a substantial impact on the football, ice hockey, and boys lacrosse teams. When looking back on Isaiah’s time at the school, Upper School Athletics Director Bernard Joseph remarked, “There have been exceptional lacrosse players and exceptional ice hockey players at this school. It’s rare that we’ve had a single player who was amazing at both. In addition to these two sports, he was also a strong football player.” 

Isaiah’s successful college lacrosse and professional lacrosse careers are a testament to the foundations he built during his time as a Saint. His interest in lacrosse sprang from his awareness of his uncle’s time playing lacrosse in college and his mother’s deep-rooted passion for the sport. For all four years of high school, Isaiah was a varsity starter on the boys lacrosse team and in the top five in ground balls. He was a starting member of three VISAA State Championship teams (2010, 2012, and 2013) and a senior captain on the school’s first ever IAC Championship team his senior year, with a historic win over Landon. At the 2013 Athletic Awards Banquet, Coach Andy Taibl said of Isaiah, “He was one of a very small handful of players in my time here to ever start all four years. He finished his senior season fourth on the team in overall points…and was truly our do everything guy..Isaiah was one of the toughest competitors and finest young men I have ever had the pleasure to coach and work with.”

Isaiah displayed the same athleticism, leadership, and competitiveness during his four years playing ice hockey. He was a team captain, an SSSAS Outstanding Athlete, and an Alexandria Sportsman’s Club Athlete of the Year for ice hockey. Teammate Nick Cargas ’14 remembers Isaiah as a “leader and fierce competitor.” “I was learning how to play hockey and Isaiah took the time to help me understand the game,” Nick said. He also recalled Isaiah’s remarkable strength and stamina. “He would stay on the ice for nearly an entire 20-minute period when the average player’s shift lasts a minute or less. He simply wore people down—the opposing team would go through four different shifts of people while he remained on the ice,” Nick said. “I once saw Isaiah jump from the ice to a height where his skates cleared the boards in order to catch a puck. This is impossible to do on ice and yet he did it from a dead stop. People gasped.”

Isaiah also played on the school’s football team for two years, playing varsity during his sophomore year. Fellow teammate Darius Manora ’13 recalls, “Isaiah was obviously an outstanding lacrosse player, but also an incredibly gifted athlete on the football team as well. I’ll always remember him as a tough quarterback who wasn’t scared to get hit and an awesome leader who everyone on the team looked up to.”

Kathleen Miller O’Gara ’03

Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse

Kathleen Miller O’Gara was a four-year varsity field hockey player, serving as team captain her senior year. According to 2019 Hall of Fame Inductee Coach Marsha Way, Kathleen’s overall field hockey record credits her with 40 goals and 15 official assists, although her true number of assists is likely higher because assist tracking was inconsistent at the time and Kathleen was just as willing to pass as to shoot herself. She won a number of accolades during her school career, including being named an SSSAS Outstanding Athlete in field hockey twice and a Washington Post All-Met Field Hockey Honorable Mention, First Team, and Player of the Year.

During past awards ceremonies, Coach Way described Kathleen’s athletic prowess, “Her stick skills are so adept she often leaves her opponent wondering what happened to the ball because they think they have it and then it is gone…She can play any position on the field and I do believe she is the best field hockey player in the Washington area.” Former teammate Kathryn Tylander ’03 remembers, “Kathleen was an extremely skilled athlete and her field hockey stick skills were incredibly impressive. When she was in possession of the ball, it was as if the ball was glued to the end of her stick! Her passing skills were equally sharp. She could effortlessly trap the ball to maintain control and cut through opponent defenses with laser-like precision.”

Kathleen was equally adept at girls lacrosse as she was at field hockey. She was a four-year varsity team member who was on the All-Met Lacrosse Second and First Teams, as well as an HLA Lacrosse Foundation winner of the Heather Leigh Albert Award for best lacrosse player in the country. In an Alexandria Gazette article about the final game of the 2002-2003 season, Kathleen was said to have “…played an outstanding game against Moorestown, as she had two goals, two assists, played great defense, and also played great in transition.” This last victory allowed Kathleen to end her final high school lacrosse season as a star player on a team with a flawless 18-0 season record. 

Former teammate Lizzie Culvahouse Callahan ’03 remembers, “Kathleen elevated the rest of us around her. We played faster, more fiercely, and more competitively with her on the field. She was also selfless, always looking for ways to get others the ball and clear the way for a shot on goal.” Another teammate, Julie Hauser Mitchell ’02 states, “I will always remember Kathleen as an incredible athlete and a fierce competitor. She had a burst of speed accompanied by a formidable shot that you never wanted to get in the way of!” Finally, former teammate Abigail Meyer ’04 recalls, “What completely stands out to me when I think back on playing with Kathleen is how she approached practice. Every minute counted, she went hard the entire time, and raised the bar higher and higher each day.”


2000 SSSAS Outstanding Athlete in Field Hockey
2000 All-Met Field Hockey Honorable Mention
2001 SSSAS Outstanding Athlete in Field Hockey
2001 Alexandria Journal Field Hockey First Team
2001 All-ISL Lacrosse Team
2001 All-Met Field Hockey First Team
2001 All-Met Lacrosse Second Team
2002 SSSAS Outstanding Athlete in Field Hockey
2002 Alexandria Sportsman’s Club Athlete of the Year for Field Hockey
2002 Alexandria Journal Field Hockey Player of the Year, First Team
2002 All-ISL Field Hockey
2002 All-ISL Lacrosse
2002 All-Met Field Hockey Player of the Year
2002 All-Met Lacrosse Second Team
2002 Heather Leigh Albert Award for best high school player in the country
2003 All-Met Lacrosse First Team
2003 SSSAS Outstanding Athlete in Lacrosse
2003 Alexandria Sportsman’s Club Athlete of the Year for Field Hockey
3-Time High School Girls Lacrosse All-American
2003 US U19 Women’s Lacrosse National team,
MVP of the World Cup Championship Game


1998-1999 All Met Volleyball Honorable Mention
1999 All-ISL in Volleyball
1999 All-ISL in Track and Field
1999 VISAA Shot Put and Discus Champion
1999 SSSAS Outstanding Track Athlete
1999-2000 All Met Volleyball First Team
2000 ISL Shotput and Discus Champion
2000 Alexandria Sportsman’s Club Athlete of the Year for Volleyball
2000 All Met Volleyball 1st Team
2000 SSSAS Outstanding Athlete

Madia Willis ’00

Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field

Madia Willis was a well-rounded student who was very active in the school community. She took advanced placement courses, served on the Student Government Association, and was a member of several school singing groups. She was also a three-sport athlete who threw herself wholeheartedly into every practice and game. Looking back on her time on the varsity girls basketball team, Coach Bernie Kozlowski (“Coach K”) recalls, “Madia had the combination of athleticism, leadership, and toughness that made her truly special. She also had a sense of joy for life that helped her keep things in perspective and her positive presence had such a wonderful impact on team chemistry. It’s no surprise what she has gone on to accomplish on a professional level.”

Regarding her volleyball career, 2015 Hall of Fame Inductee Coach Betsey Rice recalls that Madia was a dominating player as a middle hitter, power jump server, and passer. She led the school in kills and aces playing on the varsity team for four years, serving as co-captain during her junior and senior years. According to Coach Rice, “Madia was feared by many opponents because she hit the ball so hard (50-60 MPH). During a match one day, her teammates started counting how many opponents she knocked over. By the end of the season, the final count was 23 opponent knock overs!” 

She tallied 270 kills one year and was an All ISL First Team volleyball player for two years. Virginia State Independent School Volleyball Association named her All-State Team two years and Player of the Year her senior year. The Alexandria Sportsmen’s Club selected her Volleyball Player of the Year two times and she was selected All-Met First Team by the Washington Post. Madia went on to play college volleyball at Columbia University. Former teammate Jessica Bigby ’00 recalls, “When I think back to our volleyball days, I remember Madia always smiling and dancing in the pre-game warmups. No matter our record, she always had fun! She was a force on the court, whether it be bringing her teammates together or “killing it” against our opponents. It was a pleasure to be her teammate.”

Madia continued to distinguish herself when she joined the school’s spring track & field team. In a Washington Post spotlight article Madia said “My track coach has used a lot of analogies with volleyball. She says to explode [when I throw] just like I hit a ball.” During her second season on the track & field team,  Madia set an Interstate Scholastic League record in winning the discus (120 feet 4 inches) at the 1999 Draper Track & Field Invitational and set a shot put record of 36’5.00”. She continued to push herself to excel with every practice and every meet; she truly exemplifies what it means to be an exceptional athlete.

1991-1992 SSSAS Wrestling Team

The 1991-1992 Varsity Wrestling team is widely considered the best wrestling team in the history of the school. The team roster was virtually unchanged from the previous season—the final one before St. Stephen’s School merged with St. Agnes School—due to only one senior graduating at the end of the 1990-1991 school year. That previous season was already considered to be an outstanding one as the entire team improved steadily across each match and peaked during the February tournaments, which saw 2011 Hall of Fame Inductee Khalil Abdul-Malik ’92, Joe Shabelski ’92, Erich Langsdorf ’92, and Andrew Maoury ’93 become IAC champions. The 1991-1992 team maintained this momentum and helped set a high standard for athletic excellence in the newly merged school’s first year.

The 1992 yearbook summarizes their amazing accomplishments: “This year’s varsity wrestling team had a dream season this year. They were able to accomplish feats even though they were out of reach. The Saints won the IAC Tournament and the Virginia Independent Schools Tournament. The team placed second in the prestigious St. Alban’s Tournament, the Northern Region Classic, and the St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes Holiday Classic. The Saints also placed seventh out of 97 teams at the National Prep Tournament. In all of these tournaments, the Saints had the Outstanding Wrestler on their team with the title being earned by three different wrestlers.”

An Alexandria Gazette article about the February 8, 1992 IAC Tournament describes the team as a better tournament contender than a dual-meet squad, an assessment that was proven right as the Saints claimed first place against St. Albans. The article quotes Coach David Hooper as saying, “We had 12 place-winners out of 13, we had seven finalists and five champions, and still we were fighting for our lives to win it.” Those five champions were Brendan Noonan ’93, Brian Simonson ’93, Khalil, Erich, and Andrew; the other two finalists were Joe and John Novogratz ’92. According to the spring 1992 issue of the school magazine, “Erich—who along with Brendan notched his 100th career victory this season—ended his high school career with a 102-36 record. Brendan, Joe, and John all won State titles.”


Khalil Abdul-Malik ’92, Co-Captain
Christopher “Chris” Buxton ’93
Thomas “Tom” Demery ’95
Ryan Foster ’93
Jon Hurley ’92
William “Will” Hurley ’94
Voron Erich Langsdorf ’92, Co-Captain
Andrew Maoury ’93
Brendan Noonan ’93
John Novogratz ’92
Brendan Salmon ’93
Joseph “Joe” Shabelski ’92
Brian Simonson ’93
Liam Sullivan ’94


David Hooper, Head Coach
Gregg Miller, Coach
Rebecca Mayer ’93, Manager
Kimberli Reagin ’93, Manager


1991 SSS John Morrow Stanton Memorial Athletic Award: Joe Shabelski ’92
1992 Amateur Wrestling News/Wrestling USA Magazine High School All-American: Khalil Abdul-Malik ’92
1992 SSSAS Dudley Model Athlete Award for Boys: Joe Shabelski ’92
1992 SSSAS Faculty Sportsmanship Award: Erich Langsdorf ’92
1992 SSSAS John Morrow Stanton Memorial Athletic Award: Chris Buxton ’93
1992 SSSAS Outstanding Athlete Award: Khalil Abdul-Malik ’92
1992 SSSAS Scholar Athlete Award: Erich Langsdorf ’92
1992 Washington Post All-Metropolitan Wrestling Team: Erich Langsdorf ’92; Khalil Abdul-Malik ’92; Andrew Maoury ’93; Brendan Noonan ’93; John Novogratz ’92
1993 SSSAS Dudley Model Athlete Award for Boys: Chris Buxton ’93; Andrew Maoury ’93
1993 SSSAS Scholar Athlete Award: Brendan Noonan ’93
1995 SSSAS Outstanding Athlete Award: Tom Demery ’95
2011 SSSAS Hall of Fame Inductee: Khalil Abdul-Malik ’92


1991 Virginia Independent Schools State Championship Winners
1992 IAC Tournament Winners
1992 Virginia Independent Schools State Championship Winners
1992 St. Alban’s Tournament Runner Ups
1992 Northern Region Classic Runner Ups
1992 SSSAS Holiday Classic Runner Ups


2008 SSSAS David Hooper Wrestling Scoreboard dedicated in his honor
2008 SSSAS Traditions Dedication
2008 SSSAS Winter Classic Most Pins Award named in his honor
2009 IAC Most Outstanding Wrestler Award named in his honor
2016 National Wrestling Hall of Fame, Virginia Chapter (Posthumous Induction)

1956-1957 St. Stephen’s Varsity Football Team

The 1956 St. Stephen’s football team was the school’s third 11-man team, but the first undefeated 11-man team in the history of the school. During the previous school year, the team ended the season with six wins in a row. Led by 1997 Hall of Fame inductee Coach Albert “Sleepy” Thompson, Assistant Coach Colin Campbell, and student managers Clyde Lamond ’59 and David Maynard ’57, the phenomenal 1956 football team continued that impressive winning streak with 10 straight wins for a cumulative record of 16-0. This lightning in a bottle season was the result of the right group of people coming together at the right time and giving their all.

Leading the team were senior Co-Captains Don Uthus ’57 (240 pounds, 6′ 2”) and Don Young ’57 (180 pounds, 6′ 2”). According to the school yearbook, although Don was “hampered by a knee injury he was a big factor in the Saints undefeated season…hard to move…great blocker…agile despite size.” Don Young was a three-year football player described in the yearbook as a “good faker and excellent passer…completed 18 of 30 passes…did the punting chores for the Big Red.” Additionally, standout players such as halfback Rhett Clarkson ’57, halfback Buck Hunnicutt ’58, lineman Chuck Bowman ’57, and halfback Ralph Price ’58 (a 2011 Hall of Fame Inductee) were profiled in local newspaper articles for their extraordinary contributions to the team’s remarkable season. 

The 1956 team’s winning streak generated a great deal of excitement in both the school and Alexandria. A Washington Evening Star article reprinted in the 1957 Scroll on the season’s second game reported that the 1956 team was extending the previous year’s winning streak from six to eight wins. A sportswriter approached Coach Thompson after the following game to compliment the team on their victory against St. Christopher’s, saying they played the most thrilling game of high school football he’d ever seen. Regarding the season’s homecoming game, Coach Thompson is quoted in another local newspaper article as saying, “It was our finest game, especially by the line…Our blocking was terrific throughout the entire game and we played like we had to in order to defeat Christchurch.” 

The final game of the season was played in near-flood conditions on a field covered by four inches of water. Nevertheless, the team persevered against George Mason and claimed an 18-0 victory. At the end of the season, the 1956 football team was described by the St. Stephen’s School newspaper, The Deacon, as “our victorious squad and our truly successful coach” who “completed a beautiful, undefeated season.” Their unprecedented season was commemorated by the Alexandria Sportsman’s Club and a special trophy of remembrance that is preserved in the school archives to this day.


Anthony “Tony” Adler ’57
George Bitner ’57
Charles “Chuck” Bowman ’57
Christopher “Chris” Burr ’57
Heriot “Rhett” Clarkson ’57
Daniel “Danny” Dopp ’58
Robert “Buck” Hunnicutt ’58
Richard “Dick” Lampert ’59
Lawrence “Larry” Leaf ’57
John Milton ’59
Lewell Nemir ’59
Edward “Beau” Outlaw ’58
Ralph Price ’58
David Scott, Jr. ’59
Selden “Matt” Small ’59
John Spangler ’57
Charles “West” Stewart III ’59
John Trueblood ’58
Donald “Don” Uthus ’57, Co-Captain
David West ’57
Gilmore “Bim” Wheeler ’58
Thomas “Tommy” Williams ’57
Hendrick “Rik” Woods ’59
Donald “Don” Young ’57, Co-Captain


Albert “Sleepy” Thompson, Jr., Head Coach
Colin Campbell, Assistant Coach
Clyde Lamond, Manager
David Maynard, Manager


#1 Ranking in the “Little Ten” division
Alexandria Sportsman’s Club Trophy
Tri-Prep Cup Winner
Undefeated Trophy of Remembrance


1956 All-Metropolitan, 2nd Team: Rhett Clarkson ’57
1956 All-Prep, 1st Team: John Trueblood ’58; Rhett Clarkson ’57
1956 All-Prep, Honorable Mention: David West ’57; Tony Adler ’57; Ralph Price ’58; Don Young ’57
1957 SSS Faculty Sportsmanship Award: George Bitner ’57
1957 SSS Outstanding Athlete: Rhett Clarkson ’57
1958 SSS Faculty Sportsmanship Award: Ralph Price ’58
1958 SSS Outstanding Athlete: Ralph Price ’58
1959 SSS Outstanding Athlete: Matt Small ’59
1997 SSSAS Hall of Fame Inductee: Albert “Sleepy” Thompson, Jr.
2011 SSSAS Hall of Fame Inductee: Ralph Price ’58


Regular Season: 10-0 (undefeated)
Win Streak: 16 (including 1955-1956 school year season)
Unscored on Streak: 4 games (including 1955-1956 school year season)


LaPlata: W, 12-0
St. Mary’s: W, 22-14
Episcopal: W, 27-26
Southern: W, 19-0
Garfield: W, 15-13
Herndon: W, 27-7
Christchurch: W, 38-13
Landon: W, 13-0
Norfolk: W, 20-12
George Mason: W, 18-0


2008 SSSAS David Hooper Wrestling Scoreboard dedicated in his honor
2008 SSSAS Traditions Dedication
2008 SSSAS Winter Classic Most Pins Award named in his honor
2009 IAC Most Outstanding Wrestler Award named in his honor
2016 National Wrestling Hall of Fame, Virginia Chapter (Posthumous Induction)

Coach David Hooper

History Teacher, Wrestling Coach

25 years of service (1982-2007)
SSS Varsity Wrestling Coach (9 years)
SSSAS Varsity Wrestling Coach (16 years)

David Hooper was a beloved mentor, educator, and coach with a lifetime love of athletics. In 1968, he became a AAA state wrestling champion while attending Wakefield High School in Arlington, Va. According to a tribute article in the fall 2007 school magazine, “Friends of his from back then recall his self-discipline, toughness, and his signature outside takedown move.” He attended Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pa., then returned to Virginia to begin his career as a history teacher and wrestling coach. 

David joined the faculty at St. Stephen’s School in 1982 teaching European history. He immediately made an impact on the wrestling team by following the motto “Stay With Tradition.” 

In addition to coaching the teams who became Virginia Independent School State Champions in 1984, 1991, and 1992 and IAC Champions in 2004, David helped coach 28 different SSSAS wrestlers to state titles, including 2015 Hall of Fame Inductee John Freeman ’70 (National Prep Champion 1983 and 1984) and 2011 Hall of Fame Inductee Khalil Abdul-Malik ’92 (National Prep Champion 1991 and 1992). By the time of his death in September 2007, his 25-year Saints coaching record was 176-100; his overall 31-year coaching record was an impressive 233-131. Mark Prince ’83, captain of the 1983 SSS wrestling team and former SSS wrestling coach, wrote at the time of his passing, “I remember feeling lucky that I was going to be coached by a AAA Virginia State Champ…He was and is an inspiration to me and probably a major reason why I make time to be the head wrestling coach at a high school in Florida.” 

David will always be remembered for the valuable lessons he taught his players. Former Head of School Joan Holden wrote, “David Hooper gave 100 percent at all times to his role as a coach. He was organized, focused, intense, and knowledgeable. The standards he set for himself he also set for his players. I always believed he knew the training he provided for his players was also training for life lessons. A wrestler is vulnerable as they are on that mat by themselves; David gave them the confidence to compete, lose or win.” 

According to his dedication page in the 2008 yearbook, Coach David Hooper “…shall be remembered as the consummate teacher/coach who left lifelong impressions on the minds, thoughts, and hearts of countless students and colleagues.” Now, more than a decade after his passing, those lifelong impressions have inspired his former students and colleagues to honor him alongside the finest coaches in the history of the school. 

Coach Doug Adams

Math Teacher, Athletic Director, Coach, Director of Specialty Summer Sports Camps, Facility Rentals Manager, Announcer

39 years of service (1977-2016)

Doug Adams joined St. Stephen’s School in 1977 as an Upper School math teacher. He would go on to wear many hats during his service to the school. His nearly four decades as a Saint were characterized by his devotion to academic excellence, mentorship, sportsmanship, and good humor. Former head of school Joan Holden recalls, “Doug Adams was the quintessential coach, always willing to coach at any level, and such a strong role model for all his student-athletes. He saw coaching as an opportunity to teach his players; he was a gifted teacher in the classroom and on the field!” 

Doug was a prolific coach whose interests and commitments were not limited to a single sport. He coached Middle School soccer, football, wrestling, baseball, and softball, and freshman, junior varsity, and varsity levels. Doug displayed unwavering enthusiasm for every team and athlete he worked with. Despite a disappointing 0-5-1 season for his  1979-1980 freshman football team, Doug expressed his pride in the 1980 yearbook, “The team showed great poise and determination. They fought hard and were not discouraged by our tough schedule.” Along with 2004 Hall of Fame Inductee Herb Soles, Doug coached the 1980-1981 varsity wrestling team when they won their third straight VISWA championship and Hassan Rifaat ’81 had an undefeated season (28-0). He coached the freshman football team during an undefeated season in 1984, the 1985-1986 varsity baseball team to a second place finish in the IAC Invitational, and the 2002-2003 varsity softball team when it won the ISL AA Tournament.

His colleagues in the Athletic Department knew they could rely on Doug to apply his considerable talents and dedication wherever it was needed. Former Latin Teacher and Coach Charlie Joyce recalls, “Doug was always willing to help when there was a need. His dedication to his players and coaches was always the best. He worked very hard at not only helping players become better in their sport, but also helping them become better people.” Moreover, Doug threw himself wholeheartedly into his role as a mentor to his students and athletes, who felt the impact of his example long after leaving the school. Brett Williams ’13 remembers how invested “Mr. A” was in helping him achieve his dream of becoming a sports broadcaster. “I owe him so many of my amazing memories from my time on Seminary Hill, as well as the confidence and experience I needed to fulfill my career goals years later.”

At his retirement celebration in 2016, 2019 Hall of Fame Inductee Marsha Way said of Doug, “He is humble, talented, and one of the funniest people that I know. It is not that he has a problem saying no, it’s that he always stepped up and stepped in to do what was necessary to make things better for everyone. Doug was willing to tackle any job, even when Sleepy Thompson needed a swim coach and tapped him on the shoulder to do it. Others would feel put upon and complain or make sure everyone knew how much they were doing, but that’s not Doug’s way.” In other words, he was a true team player on and off the field, a shining example of the best a Saints coach can be.


1996 Traditions Dedication
2001 Alexandria Education Partnership’s Excellence in Education Award
2016 SSSAS Moss Field Press Box dedicated in his honor


SSS JV Soccer Coach (1 year)
SSS Varsity Soccer Coach (2 years)
SSS JV Baseball Coach (4 years)
SSS Varsity Baseball Coach (3 years)
SSS Freshman Football Coach (10 years)
SSS JV Football Coach (3 years)
SSS Wrestling Coach (2 years)
SSS Athletic Director (2 years)
SSSAS Varsity Baseball Coach (5 years)
SSSAS Varsity Football Coach (8 years)
SSSAS JV Softball Coach (1 year)
SSSAS Varsity Softball Coach (4 years)
SSSAS Director of Specialty Summer Sports Camps (12 years)
SSSAS Acting Athletic Director for Boys (1 year)


September 29, 2023

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