Headliner, Spring 2024

Headliner, Spring 2024

Memorable Moments​

Spring 2024

Dear Saints,

During a school year there are so many memorable moments, those worthy of jotting down in a journal or posting on social media to ensure they are remembered months or years from now. On April 8, standing alongside our Saints in the bright sunshine of spring, I had the opportunity to be part of a truly awe-inspiring moment, one that I will remember for always, even without the help of social media. With our eyes safely covered by special glasses, our entire community turned their faces up to the sky to observe the solar eclipse.

As a parent, educator, and scientist, I reveled in the amazed gasps and joyful chatter of our students and teachers as they peered upwards, staring with wonder as the moon passed between the sun and earth, a truly breathtaking phenomenon. I was so grateful to witness the solar eclipse, and even more thrilled to do so standing side by side with our students and my colleagues. We all paused together, to watch in wonder.

Each day at a school is filled with big and small moments, some inspiring while some are simply part of the day-to-day routine to which we are so accustomed. As we now find ourselves immersed in the busiest weeks of the school year, my hope for all of us is that we find time to pause, to enjoy the exhilarating, to treasure the routine, and to find wonder in the everyday moments, standing side by side with those who are with us on our journey.


Kirsten Adams
Head of School