Headliner, Spring 2022

Headliner, Spring 2022


Spring 2022

Dear Saints,

“Is that a circus tent?!” I heard one young student excitedly exclaim to another as they stared in awe at the large white tent that had been erected on the field at the Upper School. White flags waved in the gentle spring breeze on the top of the tent, the bustle of activity below fueling anticipation for the weekend events ahead. Though it wasn’t an actual circus tent, but rather a (quite large and impressive!) party tent to house the celebrations of alumni celebrating their reunions, the excitement it generated was, undeniably, almost circus-like.

Reunion Weekend is always a special time on our campuses, and this weekend, the first time since the fall of 2019 that our alumni were able to gather together in-person for Reunion, was extraordinary. We hosted more classes than ever before, honoring classes ending in 1, 2, 6, and 7. Set against the backdrop of a glorious spring weekend, our campuses were alive with activity, our alumni thrilled to be together to celebrate their shared histories and reconnect with teachers and one another. 

Reunion has historically taken place during the fall, but this year was scheduled for the spring, one of the unexpected opportunities presented to us after two years of managing the restrictions and limitations of COVID. Though there were certainly some uncertainties around moving the weekend to a different time of year, looking back now at the energy and joy of the last few days, I cannot imagine a better way for our community to kick-off the final weeks of the school year. As our students and faculty immerse themselves in final projects and performances, culminating events and traditions, they do so with the generous support and loyalty of all those Saints who have come before them. 

Go Saints! 


Kirsten Adams