Erin Daly

Erin Daly

Erin Daly

Middle School Math Teacher Erin Daly can’t remember a time when she didn’t want to be a teacher. When she was little, she spent many, many hours in her “classroom” full of American Girl dolls using worksheets she snuck out of the recycling bin at school! Now in her 15th year teaching—13 at SSSAS—she still loves coming to work. Erin learns new things every day from her students, like a new tech trick, a current trend, or even a new way to solve a problem. She treasures her conversations with them before school and between classes. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Erin was a water baby. She joined a swim team at eight and continued competing through high school. Drawn to the camaraderie that comes from being on a team, she played a sport every season. She’s spent many summers as a lifeguard and swim instructor, and still looks forward to summer days at the pool and trips to the beach. At Fairfield University, she joined the crew team before ever seeing a regatta or rowing in a shell. Although she enjoys a quiet morning with a cup of coffee and a good book, she is always ready to plan a weekend getaway with friends. She just can’t say no to trying a new restaurant, cheering at a game, rocking at a concert, or just hanging out at a backyard barbecue. Erin has an adventuresome spirit and wanderlust, which has taken her to over 30 countries. Her favorite thing to do in a new place? Take a cooking class or go on a food tour. She says it’s the tasty way to learn about a new culture!

What is your most treasured memory? My family has spent many summers on a lake in New Hampshire. Our slow-paced days included daily games of dominoes during lunch and quiet, tv-free evenings on the screened in porch.

What are you good at? I like to think I am pretty good at St. Patrick’s Day. Irish music was constantly playing in my house growing up, and as an adult, I learned Irish step dancing. Being Irish has always been a huge part of my family’s identity, and right now, we are in the process of becoming Irish citizens.

When did you first really feel like an adult? When traveling with my mom, and I’m the one in charge of the tickets and directions!

What is something one of your parents said that you will never forget? When I was in college, my dad would text me the same message every morning—Make yourself proud today.

What is the one place in the world you would like to escape to? Somewhere I’ve never been! I love traveling to new places, and I especially enjoy trying new foods.

What is one of your favorite things to do in the classroom or as part of your job at the school? I look forward to our overnight class trips every year. I love seeing the joy in my students as they experience new things and push a bit out their comfort zones. I grew up going to overnight summer camp, and I am always ready for a song or camp game!

What in life makes you smile? Seeing other people doing what they love! I’m an enthusiastic spectator, and I really enjoy watching people perform. Whether it’s on a sports field, a theater stage, or even an informal Karaoke act.