Anne Choi Kelly

Anne Choi Kelly

Anne Choi Kelly

What does Lower School Teacher Anne Kelly have in common with a messenger pigeon? They both come home again! And the message is clear, she loves working at SSSAS. Anne first joined the junior kindergarten team in 2004. In 2015 she took over as the lead kindergarten teacher until 2019, when she moved to Las Vegas with her husband, Steve. During her 15 years at SSSAS, she formed close friendships and kept in touch with many of her colleagues, students, and their families. This summer she moved back to Northern Virginia and came home to SSSAS to teach second grade. Anne’s path to teaching began in her teens as a volunteer counselor in a Vacation Bible School program. Later she participated in summer mission trips to Mexico and in the inner cities of Washington, D.C., and Atlanta. She felt an instant connection to and loved spending time with children of all ages. When she was working on her bachelor’s in psychology and Early Childhood Education Program certification at the University of Massachusetts, she was required to take pre-practicums as a guest elementary school teacher for a semester and was hooked from that point on. Anne’s favorite thing in the world is her collection of children’s books, filled with beautifully written stories and exquisite illustrations she adores sharing with her students. Just as she is inspired by planting seeds of knowledge, nurturing, and watching her students grow, Anne is captivated by gardening. In her spare time she walks and bikes, and does some adventurous running and hiking. She’s participated in the overnight, long distance, Ragnar Relay Race with friends twice, and believes her greatest accomplishment was running 196 miles from Plymouth to Provincetown in the Cape Cod race. She says the craziest thing she’s ever done was hiking the tallest peak in Zion National Park, Angel’s Landing, one of the world’s most renowned hikes and an unforgettable adventure worthy of all bucket lists. She admits to dozing off in the middle of movies, preferring fruit or potato chips to dessert, and being partial to shopping. When she can stay awake, Anne enjoys period shows, like “The Crown” and “Downton Abbey,” and she’s very proud of the recent surge of award-winning Korean films. As for music, she’s pretty open to listening to all kinds, but draws the line at heavy metal!

When did you first really feel like an adult? When I graduated college, my family sat me down and said, “Anne, you have to pay your bills now.”

What is the one thing in the world you would fix if you could wave a magic wand? Finding an immediate cure for all infectious diseases. It is heartbreaking that so many people have lost their lives or have become seriously ill. 

For what in your life do you feel most grateful? My aunt and uncle, who raised my sister and me from the age of 12. I am forever grateful for them and my cousins for loving and taking care of us.  

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten? My mom would say, “Simple is beauty.” I didn’t understand that until I became an adult. Whenever I see a beautiful sunset or a breath-taking landscape, I hear my mom’s words and it warms my heart.

What do you love most about your life? Meeting my husband and marrying him.

What in life makes you smile? Seeing pictures of my former students and their families.